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ROLEX - Submariner 5517/0 stainless steel, waterproof to a depth of 200 metres (660 feet). It needs [..]

 This model was created for the British army in 1976/77, which takes on this specific reference becoming an autonomous model, with no further links with the Submariner 5513.
Characterized by the dial already used on the double reference 5513/17, the gladius spheres and the use of the ring with full graduation.
Rolex sends these particular watches exclusively to its English office, located at Bexley, which will deliver them to the British army and navy.
For the specific reference and the presence of the fully graduated ring nut insert it is considered the military Rolex Submariner par excellence and the one with the greatest collector value.

EUR 90.000,00 / 130.000,00
Important Wristwatches and Pocket Watches
thu 5 DECEMBER 2019
Milan - Via San Marco 22
A selection of watches from private Italian collections